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Theoretical and experimental aspects of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Development of techniques and applications to liquids,solids and mesophases

Relaxation phenomena, development of two and multi dimensional NMR

Multiple quantum spectroscopy

NMR imaging, theory and applications

Gradient spectroscopy

High resolution solid state NMR technique development and applications

Development of pulsed nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy in one and two dimensions.

Systems studied include oriented samples and mesophases; Nematic,smectic induced smectic, cholesteric, discotic and lyotropic liquid crystalline phases studied by solution and solid state NMR techniques

Quantum computing by NMR

Development of software and hardware for new techniques and special experiments

Systems of biological interest including peptides, proteins, nucleotides, model membranes, perfused cells and tissues, in-tact biological systems and living systems in-vivo studied by NMR

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